“Slow down, you move too fast.” -Simon & Garfunkel

This morning I was at a grocery store, and as I was walking out the door, a woman came up behind me and nearly ran me out-of-the-way to get out the door ahead of me. At first, I had a knee-jerk conditioned reaction and I felt angry and annoyed. Then I took in a deep breath, stopped myself and thought, well maybe she’s suffering in some way I don’t understand.

I see people texting while driving, getting road rage, angered by the slowness of others. I question, “What are you in such a hurry to get done or where do you need to be that is so critical that you are willing to be rude to people or even put yourself in harm’s way?” Unless you have some life or death situation to manage (think: heart surgery, brain surgery, emergency room work), and not many of us do, there really isn’t that much of a hurry. I’ve never seen something made better by rushing.

Recently, a woman cut in front of me to the drive-thru line at a suburban Starbucks. I could have been angry, I could have given all sorts of hand signals to her, or any number of things to show some level of agitation. But, I didn’t. Ultimately, what would that have changed because she was still in front of me? And you know what? She bought my coffee.

Remember this: there is always another train behind the one you missed or a reason why that other person whom your work depends on is running behind.  Perhaps that person in front of you who went so slow the light turned red before you could get through, prevented you from a car accident had you made the light. Just something to ponder…

If you’re not sure how to slow down, because let’s face it, our fast-food culture, tells us just the opposite, try meditation, try some deep breathing, try considering what it might be like to be someone else. Get curious about why you’re in such a hurry.

Life is too short to wish it away or get angry because the guy in front of us won’t go fast enough.

There is time.