Sing Your Song.

Someone bought the book Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes for my daughter before she was even born. I didn’t get around to reading any of her books until she had arrived, and when I read this book with her the first time, I nearly cried. No doubt one of my best girlfriends bought it for me. The book is the epitome of how I would like to be, how I try to show up to my life, and exactly what I hope to teach my daughter: life hands us what life hands us, all the rest is about how we respond to it.

I’m not perfect at it, and I don’t think it means we bypass our emotions either. There is a line that says, “Did Pete cry? Goodness no,” when it refers to some things Pete encounters. I wouldn’t want anyone to think we don’t experience sadness when we’re disappointed. We do, but we also have to keep on going. I see this as resilience, bouncing back.

Resilience is considered one of the top traits possessed by people who are successful in life, in business, and in just about any pursuit. Ask Lady Gaga. There are things that help people build resilience, if they aren’t strong on it to begin with, and one of those things is a regular meditation practice.

Meditation not only allows thoughts to just be thoughts, but it allows us to process our emotions, in a judgement-free zone. And, when we process emotions in a judgement free zone, we encounter freedom. Freedom to get back up, to do it again, to keep on singing our song.

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